18 maio, 2009

A prova de que a crise ainda está longe de passar

é que os banqueiros acham que já está tudo bem.

A few weeks ago in the SF Chronicle...
newspaper of San Francisco, there was an article written by a local reporter who went to Wall Street in New York City to interview some Wall Street guys. One was a 29 year old man. He was eating a $600 breakfast at a super swank restaurant.

The SF Chronicle reporter asked him if he thought that was a wise thing to do (this was in April 2009). The young 29 year old Wall Street dude blithely answered, "If you'd ask me back in October 2008 if I'd be eating a $600 breakfast, I'd have said no. But you guys just gave us 30 billion, so it's business as usual."

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Mike disse...

Não sei se são os banqueiros, L. É um puto que dá mau nome aos banqueiros. Ou será que são mesmo os banqueiros? Agora deixaste-me a pensar, caraças.