04 maio, 2008

Jardim da Estrela

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Está em obras....

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Mike disse...

E suponho que isso seja bom, l. :)

Once In a While disse...

.. e pelos vistos o professor foi requisitado nas mesmas .. bom .. que não sejam as de Stª Engrácia (risos) e que tenha um bom fim-de-semana *

(just kidding ..)

Alberto disse...

Hi everybody. I need some help: two weeks ago I met a girl in Lisbon, in the bus 738. I just know that she is working in a vegetarian and macrobiotic restaurant, her name is Anita and she is from Brazil, she is so beautiful and has several tattoos on her chest and arms. She goes jogging in the Jardim da Estrela every Sunday or every Monday, I am not sure. I would LOVE to see her again. Can anyone help me to contact with this girl, please? I met her in Saldanha, so the restaurant where she works is probably in the north half of the city. I apologize for not writing this in Portuguese, please excuse me for that.


Alberto (howmanymilesmustwemarch@hotmail.com)