12 fevereiro, 2008

Delors vs Lisboa

Só para clarificar umas coisas relativamente ao post anterior sobre o que me parecem as diferenças entre "Delors" e "Barroso" (entre aspas porque personalizar excessivamente estas coisas não é muito util, acho).

PDF (um bocado técnico):

The “Evropeiskii Sojus”, the “City on the Hill” and the “Lisbon Gap”


(...)The relevance of the “Delors” factors for the explanation of economic efficiency, gender justice, employment, social cohesion and sustainable development is shown in multiple regression analyses with 130 countries.

It is shown that Europe indeed corresponds to such an analysis; even worse, it is also to be expected that the “Latin Americanization” of European society will go on, if Europe does not return to the Delors agenda. (Editor`s note: The author is referring to Jacques Delors`”White Paper on growth, competitiveness, and employment: The challenges and ways forward into the 21st century”)

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João Villalobos disse...

Pois. It will go on indeed.